Friday, April 20, 2012

Self Portrait

In class, we did a self portrait. I was inspired by a French artist that does portraits in oil paint with palette knife. I used the medium of oil paint and used palette knife to apply to paint to the canvas. I used a color scheme of cool colors. I made my body a darker shade of blue and made my face lighter. I used various light cool colors for the highlights on the face. I used dark cool colors for the shadows. The background has a sense of business, but there are not specific shapes in the background. This painting is impressionistic, not showing every detail in the face.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


This is a picture of my sister at the beach taken by my friend. I used pastels on a pastel board for this work. My sister, Emily, is the clear center of interest. There is much contrast in this picture because of the various darks and lights used in each object. Also, there is contrast between the dark blue umbrellas and my sister's fair skin. There is movement in this picture in the hair, shorts, and waves. They look as if there is action in the pictures. There are converging lines that point towards my sister, leading the viewer's eye towards her.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Breadth piece

This piece is a contour drawing, which is a drawing of only the edges and visible lines of an object, done with pencil and drawing paper. I drew my friend while she painted with her legs up on the table. The contour drawing has a spontaneity about it, showing what is happening at the moment it was drawn. The folds in my friend's shirt show movement, as well as interesting shapes and lines. The curved lines have visual interest and create movement through the work. The lines also create negative spaces. There are areas in the drawing where there are few lines, and there are other areas with many lines, creating balance in the work.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Concentration piece 12

I used the medium of oil paint to create this painting. The painting is of three people on their vespas on a street in Paris. I found two different pictures online and put them together on photoshop. Then, I cropped the picture and simplified it. I used both a palette knife and brush to apply the paint on the canvas. This painting is somewhat impressionistic. The center of interest in this painting is the people on the vespas in the foreground. There is contrast between darks and lights on the people’s faces and necks because of the shadow cast. The pants of both men show movement because of the curved lines and contrast between dark and light colors. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Concentration piece 11

I used the medium of oil paint to create this painting. The painting is of a street scene outside a cafe in Paris. I found this picture online, but changed it to make it my own. I used a palette knife to apply the paint on the canvas. This painting has an impressionistic quality. I used low intensity colors in the backgrounds in order to make the foreground seem more important. Because the plants on the right side have high intensity, I added green to the left side of the painting to create balance. The different values and intensity of colors of the buildings give the painting depth. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Concentration piece 10

My painting is of a street scene in Paris. There are many smart cars in Paris, so I decided to make one the focal point of my painting. The medium used to create this work is oil paint. I used repetition in shapes and vertical and horizontal lines in order to create visual interest and a sense of stability. I simplified the buildings in the background and made them less important, focusing on the car in the front. I used many cool colors in the painting in order to give viewers a calm feeling. I used bolder, more intense colors in the smart car to make the center of interest more exciting. I used a palette knife to apply the paint to the canvas, giving the painting texture and more excitement. 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Concentration piece 9

My painting is of a beach that I traveled to France this summer. I got this photo offline, but I changed it. The medium I used to create this work is oil paint. For the first time, I used a palette knife to to distribute the paint on the canvas. This painting is impressionistic. The cabanas are bold, geometric shapes, making the painting more interesting. I used low intensity colors in the sky and sand. I used high intensity colors in the cabanas, making them stand out and being the most important part of the painting to viewers. Because this picture was taken during the middle of the day, the cabanas and umbrellas are casting shadows. There is contrast between the low intensity colors in the background and the high intensity colors of the cabanas in the foreground.